1. The Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia (TCCM) is an independent judicial body established under Section 85, Part XII of the Consumer Protection Act 1999 and came into force on 15 November 1999.

The rights to have basic needs
The consumer has the rights for  access to basic needs, essential goods and services: adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, public utilities, water and sanitation.

Critical awareness - consumers must be awakened to be more questioning about the provision of the quality of goods and services.

Involvement or action - consumers must assert themselves and act to ensure that they get a fair deal.

History of Our Association

In September 2012, a group of community from various level of society have come together and have discussions about rights of consumers, especially for the people of Sarawak. After agreeing on the follow-up to fight for consumers right, Covas, as the short name for the Consumer Voice Association of Sarawak or in Bahasa Malaysia, Sarawak Consumer Voice Association has proposed for the official establishment of an association.

Before continuing the registration, founders have met with senior officials of government officials to get their acknowledgement on the ideas and the movement of the user of this association. The result was overwhelming support for in Sarawak, as there were no right of consumer associations which can properly represent the rights of consumers before, especially for those who are less fortunate and less educated.

Therefore, the Consumer Voice Association officially Sarawak (Covas) was established on October 23, 2012.

Do your know your rights?