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Board & Committee Members

Important information:
1. Established on 25th September 2012

2. More than 150 members in Sarawak as of now,

3. The names of the members are as follow:

The Chairman: Mr. Michael Tiong Hung Kia
Deputy Chairman: Mr. Samsudin Ab. Rahman
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Philip Ng Swee Tong
Secretary: Mr. Simon Sim Beng Soon
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Edmund Sim Ik Mong
Treasurer: Mr. Patrick Ng Swee Ling
Assistant Treasurer: Khoo Fung King

Members of the committee:

- Jeffery Chen
- Then Tony
- Frankie Ch'ng
- Jacky Tiong
- William Huang
- Leslie
- Shawn Yee
- Mr. Khoon